Входящий тест по английскому языку
Пройдите тест и мы подберем, подходящую именно вам по уровню языка группу, предложим варианты расписания и расскажем о преподавателе курса.
Тест состоит из 45 вопросов. Прочтите вопрос и выберите правильный вариант ответа, нажав на соответствующую кнопку.

There are 45 multiple-choice questions in the test. Сhoose the correct answer to each question: a, b, c or d.
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1. _______ you interested in sport?
My ________ is a writer and his books are very popular.
We live in the city centre and our house ________ have a big garden.
There ____ a lot of people outside the school. What’s the problem?
Cathy ____ a game on her computer at the moment.
__________ are you from?
This is my book. ________ are your books on the table.
_________ are twenty students in my class.
There’s a blackboard in the classroom but there aren’t _________ shelves.
My parents have got blue eyes but my ________ hair is black.
_________ you got any apples?
They speak English but they _________ speak French.
___________ he play the guitar?
I __________ up at 7 o’clock.
We like him but he doesn’t like ___________ .
She _______ a black T-shirt today.
I don’t like _________ football.
My friend, Jack, ________ at school yesterday because he was ill.
Where _______ last night?
What ________ to do next weekend?
She ________ the piano very well.
We usually go to the disco on Saturdays but we _________ today.
________ tennis with us tomorrow?
She’s more _________ than her sisters.
London is the _________ city in Britain.
I _________ to Warsaw last week.
Her Spanish is very good. She speaks it very ________ .
We _________ a coffee in the café when we saw Tom.
The music is very loud, Bob. ___________ it down, please.
You _________ take your passport when you travel to another country.
We _______ you next week.
If she _______ the exam, she’ll go to university.
I’ll buy ________ milk if I go to the supermarket.
________ you ever met a famous person?
They’ve never _______ to a rock concert.
It’s not my bag. It’s _______ .
He hasn’t phoned _________ .
I’m not hungry. I _________ had lunch.
You don’t __________ go now. You can go tomorrow.
This is the best chocolate in the world. It _________ in Switzerland.
The book __________ in 1954.
If you see a snake, _____________ !
At school last year I _______ wear black shoes.
This jacket is ________ . It’s too short for me.
It’s ________ beautiful day. Let’s go out.